HR Services for Irish SMEs: Why Do Irish SMEs Obsess Over HR Consultancy?

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HR on Call provides HR expertise for Irish SMEs. A recent market study has revealed that over 50% of Irish small businesses are heavily investing in HR consultancy in Mayo, Galway and all over Ireland, in pursuit of minimising risk of penalties in recruitment, audits, lawsuits, compliance, managing employees, and other employment-related matters.

HR on Call, based in Co. Mayo, helps SMEs all over Ireland with their HR needs, from hiring to firing and everything in between. A survey of over 724 SMEs in Ireland done between June 2021 and February 2022, revealed an astounding 90% of SMEs consider getting HR expertise as hugely important to them but despite their belief in that need, 62% of these companies with 10+ employees have not had their HR operations reviewed by a HR expert and some don’t have a HR structure at all. 

This article explores the importance and utility of HR consultancy for small businesses. The what, where, and how are all included.

HR Consultants Play An Important Role In Establishing The Company Culture From The Beginning.

Organisational culture comprises everything that distinguishes a company. This comprises the principles, attitudes, and practices used to establish a company environment on a daily basis.

company culture should be extended to employees working from home or corporate gatherings.

Companies should establish a company culture from the beginning when hiring the first employee because it exudes professionalism and contributes to the company’s reputation, gets the new hire engaged quickly, and is also viewed positively by clients, investors, and regulatory organisations.

With effective HR expertise, companies can establish what they want their culture to be and build and manage internal and external relationships more consistently to understand and support that culture. Understanding business and employee needs, educating managers and employees about acceptable policies and procedures, helping to motivate and support employees are critical components to developing and growing optimal company culture.  Using a HR expert who has been exposed to many different industries and office environments can help companies develop a culture that will work for them.   

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Are Turning Teams Into Rockstars.

Now that it has been established that businesses should not only prioritise skill set, aptitude, and experience but also company culture, an employee assistance programme can help support a more transparent and prompt employee management culture by allowing employees an opportunity to have their personal issues addressed in a safe and confidential environment.

An Employee Assistance Program offers individualised support services to employees and, in some cases, their families to help them address their issues resulting in less stress and absenteeism and improved performance at work. These programs have addressed and resolved many typical issues faced by organisations, some of which are listed below:

– Reduced Absenteeism

– Reduced Stress leading to Improved Performance

– Increased Productivity and Profits

– Reduce Lateness

– Increase the Rate of Retention

– Improve the Company’s Culture

If an employer signs up for EAP services, they are offered by specialised companies to employees to help with a variety of issues whether at home or at work but generally, their performance at work has deterioriated or they come to ask for help.  EAPs are strictly confidential, which protects employees’ privacy by ensuring that any challenges or personal concerns they discuss with the EAP provider will not be accessed or used by their employers. Contact us to find out more about EAP services in your area.