Privacy Policy


Loretta Kenny HR Consultancy/HR On Call acknowledges that it is subject to the requirements of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and/or other applicable European Union or EU member state laws and regulations governing the use, disclosure, confidentiality, security or privacy of Personal Data (collectively, the “Data Protection Regulations”). Loretta Kenny HR Consultancy/HR On Call further acknowledges that in connection with the performance and delivery of agreed services for your company, it will only collect, create, receive and use your company’s “Personal Data” as that term is defined in the GDPR, for the sole purpose of performing such services. Personal data will be collected and processed for the purposes of preparing Human Resources related documentation, for example, employment contracts, job descriptions, disciplinary documentation, employee handbook, GDPR documentation, performance evaluations, performance improvement plans & training materials.


Examples of types of personal data that may be collected to perform such services:


We will request only the personal or company data necessary to be able to carry out the HR/GDPR services requested and such services will be processed in a timely manner, safeguarded, shared with a 3rd party as needed and only if 3rd party is also GDPR compliant (such as for HR software development system), and data will be saved or destroyed safely once project is completed and in accordance with Irish law and GDPR reform.