Our Services

HR-on-Call is a Comprehensive HR Support System. Your concierge HR Manager

We provide Complete, Compliant and Cost-effective HR Consultancy Services from Hire to Retire

What options do business owner have with HR-on-Call?  

Choose between:

1. Our Cloud HR Database 

2. Ad-hoc HR Support Services- when you need it

3. HR Retainer for On-going Support

4. Pick & Mix HR Database and HR Consultancy  

How does our Cloud HR Database help businesses? 

Our cloud-based HR software is perfect for storing and managing all your current and historical employee records and compliance documents. Access to data is controlled securely through User, Manager, HR Manager and Admin roles. To supercharge your HR management, our HR database also provides an onboarding portal,  staff location management, project & activity time recording, employee project expense management, advanced performance management software and much more.

Manage all of your HR in one place and access from anywhere via the cloud

Interviewing & recruitment tips, employment application form, job description templates and more

Reminders and checklists for new hire induction, training and terminations to keep you on track

Easy performance management, goal setting, feeback, tracking and oodles of management reports

Keeping private records of disciplinary & grievance procedures and investigations

Employee training, skills, H&S requirements and management

Simple to add new hire and automatically generates employment contract template

Central place to store and provide access to company documents such as employee handbook, H&S docs, procedures, etc.

Data protection compliance and policy for employees

Access provided to new hires to enter bank and emergency contact details

Automatically calculates entitlements and balances for bank holidays, annual and sick leaves and absences

Helps manage processes for employees whether working in the workplace, on the road or working remotely

Central company calendar calendar to identify employee work location, absences, leave requests, shutdown or blackout periods and more

Employees given access to basic employment details, update personal data and request time off

Ad-hoc HR Support

Whether you need to be set up with HR documents and compliance structure, a HR audit, or help with any employment issue, mediation or training, we can identify and explain your risks. Then we’ll help you fix any problems. But we don’t stop there: we’ll work with you to put together a plan to reach best-practice compliance and HR processes, support you along the way, and applaud you when you get there.

Telephone & Email Advisory Service 

You’ll have access to telephone and email support to answer your HR questions whether you need HR documents, help with an employee issue, or advice or documents for a new employee or employment matter. We can train you or your managers on employment law to minimise risk of making a costly mistake. You will receive a dedicated account manager to provide consistent advice and follow-up service to walk you through whatever problem you are encountering.

HR Retainer Services

You may not need or be able to afford to hire a full-time human resources professional, but what if you could still have a human resources expert on your side? Someone to help you navigate the complex details of employment standards and a human resources solution that makes sense for your company as one size doesn’t fit all. We can partner with you to customise a strategy and provide the services you need when you need them to match the size of your company and budget.

Pick & Mix HR Services

Call us if you need a HR database, or when you are aware of a problem brewing like an employee conflict, a sudden drop in performance, a poor attitude, etc., as when addressed immediately, you can quickly get to the root of the problem ‘informally’ before it escalates into a formal grievance or a disciplinary issue.  This is a huge benefit and savings to the company as it reducing time, money, risk and stress often associated when problems escalate and may require an investigation as with formal grievances. It also improves morale and productivity. Combine our HR Database Services with any HR Consultancy Services for a great all-round experience.  




Other HR Education & Training Services

Train employees/managers on leadership and management skills, employee engagement, basic employment law and respect in the workplace, or bespoke training

Train owner manager how to handle general HR in-house and when to seek HR advice

Embracing diversity and respect in the workplace for managers and employees